Coming Out As A Gay Sugar Baby


Coming out as gay or lgbt is hard enough. But revealing to your family and friends that you are in a committed same sex sugar relationship can be beyond difficult and quite the sticky situation. But it doesn’t half to be. Here’s what you need to know and the best way to handle coming out to your family and friends about being in a sugar daddy relationship.



First things first: ask yourself if telling them is the right thing to do. People out down right assholes and judgmental about things they dont know or understand. Are your friends and family able to handle this news? Or do you even care what they think in the first place? These are questions you need to answer before even undertaking the task of coming out to them about having a sugar daddy. Some parents, for instance, would be glad you’re being smart and have decided to live better by having a daddy help you out with your life. Other parents may believe they lucked out on not having to be responsible for you anymore. Friends and family mightn’t be so understanding. You mightn’t know how exactly they will react until you tell them. But you might want to seriously question whether or not you want to come out to them or not about it.




If you do come to the conclusion that you want to come out about your sugar relationship to your nearest and dearest, timing is essential. Don’t necessarily wait until dinner time to tell them. Find a time when you are able to sit down and have a rational conversation about why you want to be and are in a sugar relationship. Make sure your loved one or friend is in a good mood and are receptive to hearing you out. It is not recommended that drinking be involved as alcohol loosens inhibitions and can lead to tempered emotions. Timing is crucial when it comes to coming out about your sugar relationship.



It is highly recommended that you practice coming out about your sugar relationship with a friend before telling your parents. Friends are often a lot less likely to judge you or treat you differently for your choices. If your friends cannot accept you and love you for the person you are and the person you want to be with, then they are not your friends in the first place. Coming out to your friends should be easier then trying to tell your parents and family. If you need to tell your family and feel the results may be bad or that you will deeply struggle, consider bringing your friend along with you as a buffer. It’s much harder to react poorly and be terrible to you in front of witnesses.




Another option that you might want to try exercising is to try and come out about it in one setting with your entire family and friends there to tell in one fell swoop. This depends entirely on you and your relationship with these people. But coming out about your sugar relationship publicly in a large group allows you to get it over with in one big setting, versus mustering the courage/ strength to have to go around telling everyone you love individually.




If facing your loved ones mano e mano is too much for you to handle, try the mass email approach. While the least personal option, emailing everyone lets you get the message across in your own words and at your own pace. You can vet a lot of the possibly anticipated responses via email and won’t have the ramifications of being confronted in person about your sugar relationship or your choices.



Have faith in what you want and what you are doing in your life. You are the only one that you have to answer to, so as long as you are happy, it shouldn’t matter to you what your loved ones think. You are in a healthy, committed sugar relationship, with reasons beyond other people’s knowledge for having chosen to have done so. Don’t sweat what others think. As long as you are happy and content in your relationship, everyone else should be happy for you as well.