What To Keep In Mind With Gay Salt Daddies


Making money is never as easy at seems.

Out of the all the scammers in the gay sugar dating world one of the most frustrating ones is the infamous Gay Salt Daddy.

They are known for their abilities to manipulate vulnerable sugar babies into providing them sexual services for nothing in return.


Below we cover advice on how to tread carefully:



Having faith in people is usually a good thing in my books. When it comes to sugar dating though remember to keep your mind on your goal (gifts, money, trips).

What we mean is that no matter what happens if your gay sugar daddy keeps on coming up excuses of why he can’t deliver trust your gut and walk away.

Remember he’ll try to use all sorts of mind games,  whether that’s pressure (I need to test the goods), sweet talk (I really like you) or even shaming (you’re just like the other sugar babies, trying to scam me..).



As they say, you can tell a lot about a person from their actions. Keep this in mind when you’re getting to know a potential to see if he’s actually a Salt Daddy.

A  huge flag is if he pushes you to have sex before you’ve come up with an agreement and/or you’ve received your allowance (or whatever your goal is)  as well as most importantly before you’re ready.

Less obvious signs:

  1. He keeps asking for risque pictures before you meet even after you say no
  2. He keeps flaking out on dates but keeps the digital conversation going
  3. He asks you to come to visit him on your own expense
  4. He only wants to meet you in places so private that there is literally no one else around (think his place, your place or a hotel room) before you’re agreement has set in.



Here are some simple ways to get a better idea if he’s actual sugar daddy potential:

  1. After your first date, if it went well, ask him to pay for your parking or transportation, if he refuses or isn’t very generous…not a good sign.
  2. While you’re chatting with your daddy, tell him you broke or lost something inconsequential (like phone cover, headphones, portable speakers) and briefly touch upon how it makes life harder. Casually ask him if he can pick you up one before you meet next. Don’t make a big deal about it.  When you see him next if he doesn’t have it and/or doesn’t slip you some money this is indicative that he isn’t a good match.
  3. If he’s sending your payment by PayPal but makes it one for goods and services, something may be up, as this is an easy way for him to get a refund.


Remember your comfort and safety is the most important thing. Don’t feel bad if you’ve fallen for a Salt Daddy.  To be honest, it’s just completely part of the process. Many gay sugar babies have and it is really nothing to overthink.  The most important thing is not to blame yourself.