Is It Possible To Have An Online Sugar Daddy Without Meeting IRL?




Can you actually have an online sugar daddy without actually meeting them?  That would be basically living the dream for many of us.  Imagine logging in onto the most popular sugar baby website and simply talking to someone for a little bit of money without providing any IRL sugar. The short answer is yes… but unfortunately the longer answer is a little more complicated and needs to be explained. Keep on reading to learn how:



So like everything in life, nothing is impossible but truth be told the chance of finding an online-only sugar daddy is extremely rare. The most likely case for this is if the daddy is in a remote location or is in a relationship that doesn’t give much flexibility and he wants a side piece. Chances are in either of these scenarios you’re going to have to be showing the goods on webcam (and more).  The risk there is that you could be recorded, so just be ready for that being a possibility.


Why is it unlikely you’d find an online sugar daddy? Well, its rather quite simple many sugar daddies are looking for companionship in real life. What this means is that they want someone to speak to and actually go out and do things with.


To be honest, if you’re looking to get rich rich from your daddy (aka actually support yourself financially) think about meeting him in person. Curious why well read on!



Ok, before we dwelve into why you should meet in person, remember one of the biggest misconceptions of being a sugar baby is that you’re basically an escort. Yes, there is that type of daddy (aka a salt daddy) that are just looking for sex but many of them are actually interested in spoiling babies or actually getting to someone.


Furthermore, if you are spooked about the sex part, it’s more likely that you’ll be able to meet a sugar daddy and put it off or convince him to wait until you’re ready or find someone who is actually looking for platonic companionship (aka the girlfriend experience without the sex).  Ok, you might be doubting this actually happens but there are quite a few sugar daddies out there who are way too busy to commit to a real relationship so they turn to sugar babies instead.


Well anyway back to the financial benefits of meeting a sugar daddy in person, it basically comes down to having a deeper emotional connection.  Think about it if you’re close to someone and they actually care for you the larger the possibility that they will help you out.  Now in person, you have the ability to do things like use physical touch and show reactions that hiding behind a screen would prevent.


Your personal comfort comes first so make sure you’re completely ready before diving into searching for a sugar daddy.  If you’re ready for this check out most popular sugar baby websites that allow free trial memberships.