The Art Of Choosing Your Sugar Baby Name


Ready to dip your toe into the sugar dating pool?  Not sure what your sugar baby name should be. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered.



Although being low-key certainly has its advantages with sugar dating when it comes to your sugar baby name it definitely does not.

Standing out is important.

Think about it about it there are millions of other sugar babies out there how are you going to stand out with a basic name that every other sugar baby seems to have?



While being a unique little flower certainly has its place.

You want your name to be easy to spell so your potential daddy can remember it easily.

A sugar daddy is probably talking to a number of different sugar babies online but if he can’t remember how to spell your name how is he going to find you?

Probably most important is making sure your name is easy to pronounce.

The first time you have a conversation with your sugar daddy is going to be awkward enough.

Having a name that is hard to pronounce only will add to this weird feeling.

One of the tricks we find when it comes to picking out a sugar baby name is to go to see popular baby names at and picking something in the bottom 50.

If you want something a little more unusual there is a section for that as well.



Another important thing to remember is to keep your name on brand.

What does that mean?

Well, it means that your sugar nickname should represent the personality you’d like to project.

If you’re supposed to laid back and cool, try and pick something that sounds laid back and cool.

While if you’re the sophisticated urbanite. Pick something that represents that stereotype.

Feeling a lack of inspiration?

Draw some from your favorite tv show, movie character or book character.

But remember to make sure that you can actually pull whatever personality off.



Both the brand you create and the nickname you use should seem authentic.

Sugar relationships are about building something real, with a deeper connection where both people feel a certain level of mutual trust.

If either your nickname or brand comes off as artificial or fake you’re most likely not going to build the level of trust to make the sugar relationship a success.



All and all the sugar baby name you choose is an important part of your identity as a sugar baby.

Remember practice makes perfect.

Make sure you say your name and practice your story (whatever it is) until it comes off as completely natural.