4 Types of Gay Sugar Baby: Which Type Are You?

Although this article may seem like a silly relationship quiz found in a teen magazine – it’s actually not.

The point of this is to help you define what you actually are looking for from a gay sugar arrangement?

Let me clarify this for you- there are two types of dreams – pipe ones and then there are more realistic ones.

For example, a pipe dream is to find a gay billionaire on a sugar dating website – although this could happen it is a little unlikely.

Now don’t get us wrong, we’re not telling you not to dream – all we’re saying is to dream smartly!

Helping you gain insight into the type of gay sugar daddy you are looking for will allow you to negotiate the terms of a sugar relationship and ultimately leave you with getting the most out of it.

Remember these “types” are not exclusive merely here to give you some guidelines of your main goal.  And like everything else in the world, there’s a ton of alternatives and different types of sugar babies.


Your life is pretty much sorted out, you can handle your own bills and are doing fine on your own.

Well mostly…

What you need are a few designer treats, the latest tablet as well as other technological trinkets.

That trip to Rome especially if it’s all expenses included – you’ve been meaning to take wouldn’t hurt either.

You’re looking for a gay sugar daddy who is willing to spoil you without the commitment necessary.

Truth be told you’re definitely in luck – finding a gay sugar daddy to buy you sporadic gifts is generally easier than finding one who gives you a constant allowance.  You should consider getting one of these books on gay seduction, they’ll help you to get the man you are looking for.


Although you’re interested in gifts, and even an allowance, what you need help with is figuring out life.

You could be in need of a gay sugar daddy’s powerful network, for introductions or brain for advice how to handle situations at work or with family and other personal situations.

The most important thing here is picking the right mentor daddy:

  • Make sure that your gay sugar daddy is a giver in terms of advice – someone who actually like nurturing and wants to help out in this way.
  • Assess the position your potential gay sugar daddy holds or held, meaning are they an important lawyer or run a hedge fund, basically someone who would have good connections well beyond their position.


Probably the hardest gay sugar baby to satisfy since you’re looking for a regular income and we feel you for sure!

In this case – you’ll have to go through a process of going on multiple sugar dates to find a potential gay sugar daddy you can actually establish trust with.

Once you’ve done that make sure to establish the terms of your arrangement and most importantly make sure not to put out (no trying the goods) before you’re comfortable and the agreement is settled.

Just remeber that in your rush to find that safe spot that you don’t reveal too much info about yourself to any potential daddies.


All and all the positives of gay sugar dating to outweigh the negatives.

If you’re interested in finding a sugar daddy probably the best place to look is Sugar Daddy for Me followed up with Seeking Arrangement and finally Gay Arrangement.  All of these offers are free for gay sugar babies, so are worth a try!

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