How To Set Up The Best Gay Sugar Dating Profile


No one really likes talking about themselves, it can be initially really hard to talk yourself up, especially on gay sugar daddy dating apps and websites where selling yourself, metaphorically, is something you’re aiming to do. What do you say? What should you write? What does a stellar dating profile look like? What are the tools and essential items needed with your gay sugar dating profile in order for you to snatch up the gay daddy you’ve been looking for. Here is your guide to creating the best sugar daddy dating profile possible and what you’ll need to snatch up the most perfectly compatible sugar daddy:



If you don’t have any current photos, invite a friend over or get a selfie stick and start having a photoshoot. In 2018, there is absolutely no excuse for not having a current and winning photo of yourself. The great thing about modern technology is filters and settings do exist to help us along the way. Choose a photo that clearly shows your face and maybe (a little) skin. Just don’t be trashy and have a shirtless torso pic as your main photo. That’s basic and annoying. Bodies aren’t forever. Faces are and sugar daddies often care about what you look like versus what you are packing under your clothes.



Write out your best attributes in a clear, concise paragraph free of grammatical errors and over the top slang usage. Try and incorporate some humor into your bio, considering 90% of all people choose the ability to make them laugh as one of the key traits they look for in a partner. Keep politics and taboo subjects out of your bio, but do include admirable things like service work, military time, travels, languages, or other traits that make you uniquely an original person worthy of getting to know. Including exactly what you are looking for in the sugar daddy relationship is also encouraged so that you ward off anyone who mightn’t be totally aligned with what you are looking for.



Most people appreciate honesty versus being lead on, so being up front about your needs and desires can help filter out would be prospective sugar daddy suitors. Try not to come off as too demanding or too outrageous, but putting yourself and your expectations in your profile can often lead to more accurate connections that are a better fit.


There are plenty of do’s and the don’ts to include and not include in making the perfect gay sugar daddy dating profile. Do include your sexual position of choice and DO be honest about it. Sugar daddy relationships often involve sex as a key factor of the relationship and this arrangement won’t last long if your new daddy doesn’t feel like you’re holding up your end of the bargain. Don’t over share in your profile. Your political activism is great, but maybe save that for a time when you’ve gotten to know your sugar daddy’s own political stances. Don’t share insane things you’ve done in your past. Don’t include negative attributes that would potential turn away would-be daddies. Do be funny, but don’t be humorous in a snatchy or sarcastic way. Do try to come off as original without seeming stuck up or unapproachable.



Walk into the experience with reasonable expectations and don’t settle for anything less. You’ve not lost anything by looking for a sugar daddy, but don’t expect to find a billionaire who will take care of you for the rest of your life right off the bat. Be prepared to spend time searching for the right sugar daddy connection and then more time introducing yourself and establishing a relationship with a sugar daddy. Don’t expect to get something for nothing, but do hold your ground for what you want out of the experience. All relationships require compromise and work, and this includes sugar daddy relations.



A great way to begin to find a sugar daddy is by downloading any of the available gay sugar daddy dating applications available online now. The best way to use the app is to fill out your profile in its entirety, being sure to adhere to the rules above. Check back a few times a day, and be responsive to people who messaged you, even if it is a simple “I’m sorry, I am not interested.” You’ll create a better image and reputation for yourself on the app. Don’t live on the apps either. Checking in a few times a day to see who checked you out shows you are interested without seeming desperate.


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Now you are ready to begin the search for a great sugar daddy. There are literally thousands of guys out there looking for someone like you. You just need to have the confidence, patience, and a desire to put yourself out there. Now what are waiting for, tiger? Time to find you a sugar daddy!