Best Gay Sugar Daddy Apps & Websites In 2021

No matter your sexual preference, searching for the perfect someone can be a frustrating experience.

In order to make it easier we’ve selected a chosen few, from a wide variety, of gay sugar dating apps & websites for review in 2021.

The great thing about being online is it doesn’t matter if you’re in London, New York, or Tokyo you’ll be able to find someone easily.

Though it’s hard to rank them since they are all amazing here are our best websites for Daddies. (For more details on why we chose them keep reading!)

  1. Sugar Daddy for Me (Top Choice!)
  2. Seeking Arrangement (Close Second)

Unlike with our straight counterparts, Gay Sugar Babies & Gay Sugar Daddies have to overcome the challenge of dealing with the fickle gay mind.

In the age of digital dating where sex is so abundant and there is a fear of intimacy, the average gay man who has sugar daddy potential does not always have the capacity to grasp the concept of a financial arrangement.

Often when searching standard gay dating apps, finding a potential relationship is impossible.

It’s best to stick to places where people have reached a higher state of understanding!

Always remember perseverance is key when finding a sugar relationship.

You have to plow through the scammers, the abundance of competition and the fake daddies just looking for sex until you eventually find one that may be compatible.

After that, there is the whole dating process… but trust us the benefits are well worth it!

The more visibility you have on different dating sites the more chance of you finding your baby.

As mentioned above – since there are so many sites out there, we’ve summarized reasons of why the ones above ranked as our favorites… well besides the obvious of their selection of men to choose from.



See the 2018 review of SugarDaddyForMe

We think that is one of the best sites for finding a gay daddy.

One of the largest sugar dating websites out there, SugarDaddyforMe is our ultimate favorite.
SugarDaddyForMe has a huge membership with over 3 million members.

We love the variety of potential daddies and best of all its free for babies! But the creators haven’t forgot about all you daddies in making their site accessible. For you, SugarDaddyForMe offers a free 3-day trial, so you have plenty of time to get a sense of what you’re investing in before you buy.

If you’re still not convinced, you’re also able to browse profiles without an account so you can check out the quality of potential matches before ever getting involved – and you can do it all without annoying ads that get in the way of getting to know your matches.

When you’re ready, creating a membership is quick and easy, and then the real fun starts.

One of the best features that SugarDaddyForMe offers is definitely chat function that allows both audio and video chats, making it super easy to communicate!

Think about it – reach out to a gay baby and keep a conversation going all while you go further down your YouTube hole.

With a Premium account, you’ll be able to message an unlimited number of people every day and, even if you opt for the free account, you can send up to three messages a day. Although the free account doesn’t let you reply to messages, it’ll give you a sense of what you’re getting into… and upgrading is easy when you find the ones you vibe with.

This website is also accessible on mobile and although it’s not a gay sugar daddy app we think its still the best place to find suitable men. The folks at Sugar Daddy for me say that the app for both Android and IOS are in development and should come out soon. But, for now, the mobile site works seamlessly from almost any device, so you never have to worry about missing a message or the chance for a meetup.


Interestingly SugarDaddyForMe has been in the media on shows like Good Morning America, Fox News and CBS. That’s probably thanks to its unique special features, like the weekend planner. This handy little tool allows you to share your plans for the week, including a color-coded system for determining whether you’re at work, asleep, busy, or available.


These handy tools aside, SugarDaddyForMe is our number one pick for its accessibility in connecting daddies and babies, alike. Some of the famous Sugar Daddies include Anthony Weiner, David Kedem and Geoffrey Edelsten. While the sites non-premium membership gives just about anybody a chance to hook up with their perfect match.




Finding gay sugar boys on Reviewed for Sugar Babies in 2021

Coming in second is another great website is Seeking Arrangement with over 5 million active members which is probably the most famous sugar dating website out there.

But its also thanks to their having the largest gay sugar baby/gay sugar daddy membership of any online dating site… with over 250,000 active gay members.

How’s that for a variety of people and arrangements to choose from? In fact, they’re one of the only arrangement sites out there with a landing page targeted toward the kind of relationship you’re looking for.

That landing page combined with their reputation for its strong PR, means that even the business sugar daddies who don’t have the time to search for other websites would join and trust this one!

More affluential daddies head to Seeking Arrangement because it offers a warmer, friendlier feel. Think eHarmony, but for intimate relationships and those in which daddies really are interested in helping their babies get exactly what they’re looking for.

While most babies are between the ages of 18 and 25, the daddies vary. Some are of the more affluential social strata, as we mentioned, but others are married heterosexual men looking to experiment and still others are closeted men in heterosexual relationships. Whether you fall into any one of those categories, or you’re a baby who seeks the energy and freshness of helping a closeted man find his groove, we’re convinced you’ll be able to find a match here.

Did we mention that it’s free if you want to create a profile as a baby? Although most of the sites premium services are restricted to paying users, even with a free profile, you can find someone to help you with college tuition and books, rent payments, travelling the world, or even just a mentor who can connect you to the right circles.

One of the stand out points here is the advanced security they offer – they actually have a service that does background checks on a gay sugar daddy should they wish.

These members are “background verified” members that have passed Seeking Arrangements’ exhaustive Optimum Screening process. You can identify them in their profile, and there are 1000s of members who have gone through the process voluntarily.

The reason a gay sugar daddy would want to do one of these checks is that if they pass they receive a background Verified profile badge which helps make the babies feel a little more secure faster that a guy isn’t bad news. It’s just one of the many ways that Seeking Arrangement ensures that you can be sure you’re getting what you want, and he’s the real deal.

Of course, you can’t always control who you’re most attracted to. In the case you fall for someone who hasn’t had a background check performed, Seeking Arrangement offers a number of tips to avoid falling for the wrong fella.

And Seeking Arrangement won’t share your profile or information with third parties either, (that is unless you miss your payment, in which case, you’re sent to collection like any good company would do). Plus, any and all of the communications shared on the site are SSL-encrypted. Meaning you’ll never have to worry about hackers finding out who you’re talking to, and the intimate things you might be talking about.


There is an app version available for Android and IOS. The Android app has been around for some time, but the iOS version is relatively new. And, keeping with their reputation for an intimate feel and doing everything with good PR in mind, they revamped the app from the ground up for its release. With the “Seeking” feature, you can swipe just like some of the more common dating apps out there, but with far higher quality candidates.



How Has Gay Sugar Dating Changed In 2021?

The world as we know it changed in 2020, with the Coronavirus pandemic. Now the world has started cautiously opening up. But if any interaction, it is very important to know and respect the health and safety considerations.

We live in the generation of the application, and one of the largest changes is how many of us have switched from websites to using Android and IOS apps.


For those of us looking for more than just the quick hook ups available on Grindr, gay sugar daddy and gay sugar baby arrangement apps are the way of the future. They’re easy to use, they’re securely encrypted, and they don’t require you to login to a computer that others have easy access to.


Unfortunately, many of the sugar daddy apps have been taken down from the Apple App Store due to the Fosta-Sesta laws. Besides Seeking Arrangement and a few other notable apps, the ones that remain in our opinion aren’t good for the gay subculture.


As scammers get increasingly sophisticated, both sugar daddies and babies have to be more cautious. You have to be careful in vetting the apps you use, the people you meet, and the arrangements you make. Reading reviews like these are a good place to start in that process.


Tread very carefully in terms of refraining from giving out your personal information like your bank account details and even your phone number and address. You should never send money to a person that you haven’t already met and who hasn’t done a good job of earning your trust. Financial opportunists are everywhere, but they prey on daddies who don’t know any better.


As for babies, there’s a certain level of precaution you need to take as well. While financial opportunist babies who don’t ever intend on forming relationships exist, so do daddies who only want you for sex, without any arrangement wherein you benefit as well.


Insist on meeting in person in a public place and when it comes to payment, it’s better to accept the forms that don’t reveal your personal details. Stick to cash, pre-paid Western Union, Venmo, Paypal, and our favorite pre-paid credit cards.


Once you’ve formed a more established relationship with your daddy, you can think more about accepting things like money for travel expenses or directly deposited cheques. Not having sex until after you’ve gotten to know your daddy is one way of discovering what they’re in this for.


But if that’s something you’re comfortable with, at the very least, don’t allow yourself to be test-driven. These often end up being one night stands wherein you’re left with nothing except a disappointing night in bed, and a daddy that you never see again.


Also beware of the increasing amount of timewasters on these apps and websites who are either looking to talk and never actually initiate a real relationship or simply are looking for sex. Remember that the veil of the internet gives closeted gay men an opportunity to explore their fantasies or desires, even if they don’t intend to act on them. In the end all this means is that you have to do the extra work.



This daddy probably is one of the easiest ones to find as they are looking to spoil on a sporadic basis.

Expect things like fancy dinners, trips to nice places and shopping expeditions.



A little harder to secure, this type of gay daddy will provide an allowance (aka regular income) with a certain arrangement or terms in place.

These arrangements may include

  • how often the gay daddy wants to see you
  • how you should behave
  • and may even come down to how you should dress.

When establishing any terms make sure everything is clear and both parties fully agree.



To be honest, we wouldn’t really suggest going to other gay sugar daddy sites than the above as we tend to find that the smaller websites have a limited selection pool, much higher rate of scammers (which is already high enough and more importantly the user interfaces aren’t usually that great!

Remember that like all good things in life – finding a sugar relationship takes a lot of work!

Think about it there are so many options out there so in order to succeed one must really stand out and continue to do so.

Be prepared and always have fun.

Last updated June 26th 2021.

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