Where To Find A Black Sugar Daddy or Baby

For those sugar babies seeking a black sugar daddy, you will have a more difficult time than other hopeful babies.

Slim pickings regarding online options catering only to this specific niche.

Traditional options, like high-end bars where older clientele frequent aren’t much better.

In the US only 7% of the total population are black males.

That’s about 25+ million black men.

Although this may not be a small number, it gets much smaller when you spread them across the nation.

Some quick math: (There will be a test later, so pay attention!)

25,000,000 / 50 states = 500,000 per state
500,000 per state / 20,000 incorporated areas in the US = 25 black males per city

When you consider how many of these men would make viable black sugar daddies, the number gets even smaller.

Just in case finding the perfect black daddy living somewhere you could find them wasn’t difficult enough, social and cultural factors affect things as well.

Both black sugar babies and daddies alike face stigmas, like potentials (the name for a potential candidate for an arrangement) listing out their racial preferences on their profiles.

Before you assume all hope is lost, we’ve got to share with you a secret.

What secret would that be?

Did you know the larger and more popular sugar websites offer the most diverse user bases?

Who cares if they have a bunch of users!

A diverse user base means, in this age of technology and instant communications, instead of never finding those daddies everyone’s been searching for, suddenly they’re right at your fingertips.

Check this page for you boys who are interested in finding a rich old gay man to spend lots of money on you.

Finding the Best Black Sugar Daddy

Our top 3 choices for black dating sugar options can be summarized as below:

  • Sugar Daddy for Me Top Choice (caters to both straight and LGBTQ audiences)
  • Seeking Arrangement Close Second (caters to both straight and LGBTQ audiences)
  • Gay Arrangement Coming in a close third (targeting LGBTQ men only)

If you’re interested in discovering more keep on reading.

Our Top Picks for Finding A Black Gay Sugar Daddy


sugardaddyforme.com reviewed for gay black sugar daddies

Reviewing SugarDaddyforMe.com in the search for a Gay Black Sugar Daddy


It’s one of the largest sugar dating websites currently online SugarDaddyforMe is definitely our top choice.

With more than 3 million members SugarDaddyForMe’s huge membership allows for diversity in regards to black sugar daddies.

Included on the site is a sugar chat app that allows you to chat via both audio and video.

This makes communication a breeze!

Also nice is the search results filtering (available on the 3-day trial) that includes ethnicity.

It takes the stress out of finding a potential black sugar match that’s perfect for you.

The Good: chat technology streamlines communication. A free membership offer lets you start your search immediately.

The Bad: while you can filter by ethnicity, can’t filter junk results out. In our tests we often had women appearing in the search results.

Our Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Second Best Pick for Hopeful Black Gay Sugar Babies


Finding gay sugar boys on seekingarrangements.com

SeekingArrangements.com Reviewed for Black Sugar Boys

Coming in a very close second is one of the most infamous sugar dating websites, SeekingArrangement.com which has over 5 million members.

A sugar site with that many users makes it a wonderful choice for black sugar babies and daddies, gay or straight.

Like SugarDaddy for Me, Seeking Arrangement is free for sugar babies to join and make a profile.

The search filtering comes at a cost though and will require a higher membership level.

The feature that really causes Seeking Arrangement to be one of the premier sugar relationship sites is the background checks sugar daddies have to go through.

Once passed, the daddy gets a verified badge that is displayed on his profile.

This makes for a much higher trust factor whenever any potentials consider verified daddies.

The Good: 5 million potential matches, though not all of them are gay daddies looking for a cute sugar boy. Also, having daddies pass a background check makes for better relationships all around.

The Bad: Ladies still make up a huge part of the 5 million users, you’ll have to use the search filters.

Our Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

A Gay Only Sugar Relationship Site


Black Gay sugar dads on GayArrangement.com

Reviewing Gayarrangement.com in the search for a gay sugar baby

Perfect for those seeking a gay black sugar daddy is GayArrangement.com which caters exclusively to the LGBQT niche.

We love the social network feel the website has (the news feed is AMAZING).

GayArrangement even allows basic members to interact with the other membership levels without requiring you to sign in or upgrade your account.

What else would you expect from a site that is 100% gay owned and operated?

If you are looking for a mutually beneficial gay sugar relationship then you should quit reading this and go sign up right now!

The Good: GayArrangement is more like FB or another social network than a creepy hookup site. If you’re looking for a gay daddy that’s black, white, Asian, hairy, chubby, rich, or whatever then you’ll have the best chance on this site.

The Bad: As hard as we’ve been looking, we still haven’t found our man. Maybe we should have paid attention to the rules of sugar dating for gays.

Our Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Best Places to Find a Black Sugar Daddy

As with many things, sometimes the thrill is in the chase.

For a gay black sugar baby, there’s a world of options and choices available to you.

Don’t focus too hard on the chase, because sometimes people end up missing what’s there in front of them the whole time.

You should read about Carl and his chase for the rich gay millionaire sugar daddy that he almost lost.

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