What Makes A Successful Gay Sugar Relationship?

While certainly not for everyone, many of us have longed for a day when a wealthy prince would come along and whisk us away to some foreign land where we would never have to work again, due to this prince having the wealth to afford us a lavish lifestyle. While this dream may not come true for all of us, for some of us, the right relationship could yield astounding results. A sugar relationship may just be just what you’re looking for!


How exactly does a gay sugar daddy relationship work? It works when both parties come to an agreement of sex, attention, or affection in exchange for financial support. There are many types and variations of sugar relationships, but most of the time they are between an older gentleman and a younger one. The younger provides companionship and sexual stability while the older one supplies financial stability to the pair. These two roles can be reversed, but for the most part, this is the most common dynamic of sugar relationships.


Essential parts are necessary to have a successful gay sugar relationship go smoothly. You’re going to need to be there for your gay sugar daddy’s needs as he will be there for your financial ones. He is going to need to be able to take care of your needs based on the agreement initially set between the both of you. Trust, understanding, communication, and respect are essential for maintaining a healthy relationship with anyone, let alone a sugar one.


In a gay sugar relationship, it is best to be true to yourself and to your gay daddy/ establish expectations. Establish ground rules and boundaries at the beginning. Don’t differ from these without re-establishing rules. Straying could lead to unwanted consequences or the inevitable dissolving of your sugar relationship. If you are ever unhappy or discontent with the relationship or way it is going, it is best to open up about your feelings versus holding them in. Establish real expectations to avoid disappointment or heartbreak from either party.


When beginning a gay sugar relationship, it is vastly important to establish a set “contract”—if you will to clarify what is expected from both parties of this now “business” relationship. What exactly are you looking for? Financial support? A salary? A stipend? An Allowance? Accommodation? Or just room and board? Meanwhile, what is your daddy looking for? Is he interested in sex or just an escort to accompany him to events? Is it penetrative sex and how many times per day or week or month will it be required of you to put out? Establishing this contract will give you both a piece of mind that you know what you are both getting yourselves into.


Maintain the yin and yang of your gay relationship. No matter what the relationship–be it “normal” or a sugar daddy/sugar son relations–two people hanging out together for a lengthened amount of time being intimate with one another need to have a basic set of rules or a mutual agreement/understanding. An effect yin and yang to any relationship requires solid communication between the two of you. Don’t forget that your ga daddy has needs that are beyond sexual. But also hold true to your wants and wishes in the relationship. The balancing act of understanding and compromise with your sugar daddy will mean a greater yin and yang to your relationship.


In a gay sugar daddy/baby relationship, there are going to be several Do’s and Don’ts that you should adhere to in order to maintain a healthy sugar relationship. For one, don’t be a brat. Don’t complain all the time. Don’t ask for more than what was promised. Don’t agree to terms outside of your original understanding without a proper acknowledgment of the terms having changed. Don’t do anything to betray your sugar daddy’s trust or do be prepared for the consequences, including losing your sugar relationship. Do Remind yourself all of the time that your sugar loving is affording you the lifestyle you with to live and maintain. Do realize that you are fortunate to even have someone willing to provide a lifestyle to which you have now become accustomed to. Don’t let yourself get trapped in a situation or relationship you’re unhappy in. Your discomfort will show.


In conclusion, the way to a successful sugar relationship is through the essential elements of trust, understanding, communication, and honoring these principles. These are the key ingredients to any relationship, be it one for sugar or not. You’ll find that an effective gay sugar daddy relationship is one where each party genuinely cares for the other and stability you both receive an added bonus for being together. In the end, a gay sugar relationship is what you make of it. But now you’ve been given the know how to go out and sustain an effective gay sugar relationship, as well.