Why Good Manners Matter For A Gay Sugar Baby!


Knowing how to properly carry yourself and act towards people in public or private is, frankly, an art form. Digital technology has left our society often stifled when it comes to communication, manners, and respect.  Though it may seem these days that chivalry is dying out, it’s never out of style to be a gentleman and know how to have manners. In 2018, there is no rulebook. However, if you’re going to want to enter into a sugar relationship, you need to get your act together. You may at first be daunted by the thought of learning proper etiquette. But, there are some ways to proper behave with a gay sugar daddy.


First things first, you need to know your manners; what’s polite and what’s not. Believe it or not, you already know a lot of basic manners. Please, thank you, and you’re welcome, in a non-sarcastic way, can get you a long way ahead of the game. Being funny and bringing non-threatening humor to the table is one thing, but it is another to be brutish or crude in your comedy. Respect is essential–you cannot go wrong by being considerate and respectful. Holding the door open, standing when someone enters the room or comes to/leaves the dinner table, and reaching for something a stranger drops, are all great and impressive beginning techniques.


Proper sugar daddy etiquette begins with a conversation that includes developing a mutual level of respect for one another. In any successful relationship, respect is reciprocated. Develop between the two of you what it means to be respected and what you both are looking for out of the relationship. Honest communication between couples goes a long way for sustaining and maintaining a higher level of respect between the two of you. Respect is key.


Where can one learn to be a gentleman? This isn’t the easiest of questions to answer, as there are fewer and fewer schools and courses available that focus on manners and etiquette. But a great place to start is by using the internet and learning about the proper way to do things. There are plenty of instructional videos on websites like YouTube that can lead you in the right—and proper—direction. Otherwise, go old school and visit your public library. There, you will find plenty of videos and books on chivalry, manners, and etiquette, all for free. For a more hands-on tutorage, consider asking a friend in the restaurant or catering business to show you basic table etiquette.


Above is a great overview video of table manners for men.


In less than no time, you will soon be the Eliza Doolittle, making a dramatic change from crude/rude boy to a master of manners and sophistication in no time. You’ll be turning heads and slaying whoever crosses your path with your new air of class, style, and chivalry. You’ll realize that manners aren’t dead at all, that knowing proper etiquette and the way to carry yourself in society will have implications and rewards beyond just trying to impress a sugar daddy. You’ll be able to win over crowds, influence people, and mix and mingle with a new level of people you previously thought out of your social caste level reach.
Even if you only end up learning the basics of manners, having some basic knowledge of etiquette will take you further in this world. Being helpful and attentive are great little things you can do that really make a difference. Taking on responsibilities and acknowledging that you appreciate what your sugar daddy does for you and the life he affords you, are other great steps. An overall acknowledgment of happiness in being provided for is most important as well.


Now, you are ready to hit the scene and find yourself a sugar daddy. But don’t just throw yourself out there and flash your new manners everywhere. Finesse to impress: knowing the best ways to show off the new you is half the battle. Be patient with things. Daddies appreciate a gay sugar son that can listen, be patient, and wait to be wooed. Waiting until the perfect moment to reveal just what a catch you are will help you seem more mature and more like someone your gay daddy would want to take home and show off to friends.


Now that you know about etiquette learn more about the rules of being a gay sugar baby through our guide.


In the end, you’ll be glad you took the time to learn some proper manners as you become more and more of an adult. Use your new proper etiquette powers right, and you’ll score the sugar daddy of your dreams in no time!