The Rules of Being A Gay Sugar Baby in 2019 & Beyond

Before we start exploring the rules, if you’re a gay sugar baby who is actually curious about finding a good daddy, we’ve picked a few out of the numerous sugar dating websites. TBH the websites are still better then the apps.

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Here are some things to remember about being a gay sugar baby for all of you just starting out:

A Gay Sugar Relationship is Not a Traditional Relationship:

Before it starts, make sure you establish the rules and terms of the relationship.

Both sides should understand what is expected in the arrangement.

Remember, there should always be mutual respect from both the parties.

Things to cover before the becoming someone’s sugar boy:

  • include an agreement on allowance and gifts
  • what hours and availability will your daddy expect you to set aside for him?
  • commitment type (does he want you dating anyone else? Or even is he married?)
  • communication style (should you call his cell phone?)
  • location… location… location (where will you be meeting…his house, your house or maybe he will rent you an apartment?)


Be careful and understand your finances and availability before committing.

Flopping flakes are such a turn off!

Keep the Gay Sugar Relationship Professional

Boys, your sugar daddy is not your father, nor is he your boyfriend.

Do not make personal demands, throw tantrums, act jealous or make ultimatums.

In a way sugar dating is like a job, keep the drama to an absolute minimum!

Remember not to complain, whine or get angry.

When you’re feeling frustrated keep these thoughts to yourself and think about your end-game, how you will spend your allowance.

Try to not get too involved and personal with your daddy.

Share a few stories about your history, but keep your slutty past and scandalous events a secret.

Be discreet, every man, gay or straight, always wants a prude on the streets, but a freak in the sheets.

The World Revolves Around Your Gay Sugar Daddy

Often gay sugar daddies are looking for a sugar baby who gives them attention.

Things to avoid include talking of yourself too much and being demanding of their time.

Sugar daddies are successful men who are not looking for a traditional relationship since they are busy with other commitments.

Know busy people often have a lot on their mind, so read into signals before you act.

Sometimes you should be the one be entertaining, but other times you’ll have to prove how great a listener you are.

Your daddy is the one paying you, so you should be accommodating to his schedule when he requests.

Be prepared to ditch plans with friends or family when needed.

Be understanding when he needs to cancels a date last minute.

One of the best ways to show your love and appreciation for what your daddy does for you are small meaningful gifts that show you care.

Keep The Relationship Between Yourself and Any Daddies Sophisticated

Think about it, you’re giving the boyfriend experience without all the drama, expectations or commitment relationships usually have.

Have fun and really make sure you build a connection with your sugar daddy.

The connection with you which will have him wanting the relationship to last.

You should be sure that your needs are being met, but address any issues in a mature and diplomatic way.

Don’t be a diva!

Because He Appreciates Beauty

Top pieces of advice for gay sugar babies

Your gay daddy will want you to look and dress sexy.

As all of us boys know men are visual creatures, and how you look and physique are one of the first things see and judge you on.

Realize you better work to maintain it.

This means you should not only be investing in your body and face but you also need to dress for success.

Dressing successfully would be to target a wealthy older gay man used to the finer things in life.

So avoid being trendy or fashion forward.

This isn’t a fashion blog, but if you need fashion help, there’s ton’s of free resources available.

Always Be Learning for Knowledge is Power

Your appearance is one factor that help you to keep a gay sugar daddy.

The way you think is probably more important.

Just because you are a gay man it doesn’t mean you’ll understand him straight away.

You should explore our quick guide on some of our favorite books that will teach you the art of keeping a gay sugar daddy.

Adjust Your Gay Baby Persona to Fit What Daddies Are Seeking

The hardest work begins once you’ve gained a rich gay daddy.

I’m not talking about sex in a sugar relationship.

No, now you are in an arrangement you need to analyze your current or any potential gay sugar daddies.

What are you trying to learn?

Find out what he is looking for in his sugar babe.

He may want a boy toy who is ambitious and has direction so he can provide guidance.

Or he may seek a man who is there for him and takes the time to listen to what is occurring in his life and mind.

Incorporate what you learn into your baby persona.

(Slowly, not overnight)

Adjusting into a closer match of his ideal sugar baby you increase the likelihood of your arrangement becoming permanent.

The art of being subtle and the power of observation


Sugar Baby Tip know your daddy better than he knows himself

As a sugar boy you should know your daddy better than he knows himself.

Avoid crass discussions about money as you never want your gay sugar daddy to feel that you’re only in it for the money.

(even if that’s the case)

Always try to ask for things in subtle ways, with hints which your daddy can pick up on and help to solve.

Make it seem like it is his idea.

One of the most important things to learn is the power of observation for gay sugar babies, make sure you analyze your gay sugar daddy like a hawk.

Things to understand include, his dislikes, likes, strengths and weaknesses.

For example, if he’s politically conservative and you’re liberal – don’t badger him with your values.  One tip I’ve learned through the years is to try and find something you like about your sugarbaby and focus on that when other things are pissing you off.

It’s like playing detective, take notes, and apply what you learn.

Privacy Is Key

The world we live in is getting safer in general but for us sugarbabies it means it getting more tracible.

With the increase of hacking and facial recognization, technologies and social media receipts (and screenshots) make sure you’re careful about what you put out on the internet and social media.

You don’t want it to come back and haunt you.

This also extends to money, financial institutions are getting more connected.  Be extremely careful how you receive your money especially if you’re trying to keep it low key.  Try and avoid your bank and use methods like pre-paid credit cards, bitcoin or one of our favorites cash!

The Most Important Rule for Gay Sugar Babies: Comfort & Safety First!

Remember that gay sugar dating is supposed to be a positive experience.

Before meeting your gay sugar daddy make sure you are meeting in a public place and have talked to him a few times.

If you’re seeing too many red flags, such as aggression or extreme possessiveness maybe it’s time to part ways.

Read this if you are curious to learn where to find gay sugar daddies.


Find some other tips below:

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