Gay Daddy VS Gay Sugar Daddy: What’s the Difference?

The age-old question, “what’s the difference between a gay daddy and a gay sugar daddy?“, goes back a long time to when man first discovered fire.

Ok, we’re kidding – maybe not that long ago but it still has been on the mind of a baby gay for a while.

Well, to be honest, although this is pretty obvious both are similar – generally both types are older with an interest in hanging out with younger men.

The main difference may be small but it still is very important for the baby who is seeking financial benefits since a relationship with a daddy won’t always have the solid financial terms set up like a sugar relationship does.

Here in lies the problem, the whole financial incentive may change the dynamics of the relationship.

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In a traditional gay daddy relationship – although the older member of the relationship may have more experience, financial security as well as maturity – both members should feel that they have the same rights or at least that they are on somewhat equal standing.

On the other hand, in a gay sugar relationship, the younger member, should realize that the allowance changes things up a little bit as things should be a little more “professional” as there are certain expectations that need to be met.

A gay sugar daddy may have expectations that go beyond just normal preferences that need to be met – whether that is being available during certain days or even the realization that you’re personal drama is on you.

It all depends on how your daddy wants things to be.


Yes, any relationship can be shades of bitter-sweet with the levels of sweetness really dependent on factors like pride and pain.

With a normal gay daddy relationship – there is a chance that a friendship could ends if and when the relationship ends as long as both parties are on board.

Although this can still happen in a gay sugar relationship the odds are much smaller.

Think about it besides the factors of pride and pain mentioned above add on the fact that the relationship was transactional in nature and the stigma that comes along with this.


Either kinds of relationships with any type of daddy will be rewarding as a baby expects things like guidance and emotional support but usually, it’s only the sugar relationship that actually has these financial terms defined.

There are many cases where a gay daddy in a traditional relationship will, in fact, pay for the baby but if they feel taken advantage of this might lead to problems.

As a gay sugar relationship – allows for both parties to clearly state their intentions and find a middle ground the chances of this happening with a reasonable person are a lot smaller.

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