Why Some Gay Sugar Babies Are Never Broke

So you’ve decided to try and snag yourself a rich gay sugar daddy?

Like most things when you first start the hunt for the right one may seem a bit daunting but remember good things in life don’t come easily – you have to work hard for them.

The struggle is certainly real in gay sugar relationships and we feel you!


Think about what would the benefits of being in a gay relationship be to you and define the reason for getting into one.

Although there doesn’t have to be only one defined goal in mind – whatever you decide remember to prioritize, to ensure as you get more involved with a gay sugar daddy you’re getting your needs met.

Why do you want to be in a gay sugar dating relationship?

  • Are you looking to save up some money to start a business?
  • Would you like some extra cash in order to help make ends meet so you can get through school?
  • Or do you just want a taste of the good life?

What would the gay sugar daddy of your dreams provide you?

Are you only looking for monetary compensation?

Do you want someone you can learn from in terms of life experience?

Someone that would teach you how to understand the financial markets?

Need to know how much money to ask your sugar daddy for?

What level of commitment can you give to a gay sugar relationship?

Think about the kinds of obligations you have.

Between your school, work and social life, as well as family obligations how available, are you to go on a gay sugar dates?

This will not only help you pre-thinking about if you either have to re-arrange some obligations in order to make the right gay sugar relationship work but also will give you some idea of how much time you are actually able to commit to your finding a gay sugar daddy relationship.


Like so many other things in life when you first don’t succeed you have to pick yourself up and try again.

Think of finding the right gay sugar daddy as the same as most other important searches such as one for jobs or even a place to live.

For some, it may be easy but for most of us, there are times when it can be grueling!

You’ll meet a lot of people who aren’t a match.

Don’t let this discourage you.

Most importantly, if you meet a gay sugar daddy who wants to take advantage of you through the likes of treating you badly or tries to sexually take advantage of you – cut them out.

Don’t be scared, part ways with them as soon as possible as there will always be other gay sugar daddies out there who are much better fit.


Speaking of shady people, always remember that there are many gay sugar daddies who are just looking to get laid.

Remember to give a firm no thanks to the guys who want to have sex with you before you’re ready or more importantly if they just seem to want to trial the goods before an arrangement has been agreed upon on.

In most cases, these gay sugar daddies are not serious about a real gay sugar relationship.

A good way to test out how serious a gay sugar daddy is about having a relationship is after the first few times of hanging out if the discussion of terms hasn’t come up – suggest a gift of the dollar kind to keep the arrangement going.


Speaking of sleazy people let’s turn this around for a second.

As there are so many people who use the anonymity of the internet to be terrible people remember that it’s really important to establish trust with your gay sugar daddy in order to even get those very first gay sugar dates.

The first step is with the profile you establish on gay sugar dating websites like Sugar Daddy for Me or Seeking Arrangement.

Make sure to not only come off as a genuine person but also as someone who is sincere as well as kind – something you should continue to be as you converse.

Sometimes the nice gays can really finish first :).

We hope this advice for gay sugar babies helps you in your quest to find a great sugar daddy.

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