Finding the Best Gay Sugar Daddy is Easy With These Tips

The elusive hunt for gay daddies…

Thanks to Grindr and other gay dating apps creating a “swipe-left” society, finding a significant other is hard.

We’re optimists and firm believers it can happen.

But as any smart young gay man knows, you must be strategic conducting your daddy hunt.

What are the different types of Gays Daddies?

The Mature Daddy

an older gay bear daddy

Older, wiser, better, right?

A common saying is how men age like a fine wine.

Typically these are men who have lost many of the insecurities which plague younger gays.

A more secure, middle-aged gay man?

Quick, we need to know what dating apps is he using?

Which dating sites does he have profiles?

We need the info for …uh…  research purposes.

Joking aside, the maturity running through this man is so sexy.

Did we mention he doesn’t freak out if you’re out-of-sight for five minutes?

Careful, they might be spoiled by the status the sugar lifestyle provides for them.

Don’t confuse them with gay silver daddies.

Daddies with more established careers and resources

Since they are older—daddies are often further along in their career than their younger counterparts.

Possessing a disposable income is much easier when you are no longer slaving away for hours at a minimum wage job.

Growing to that point in their career hasn’t been easy.

Often, he’s walked the same miles in his shoes which you are walking now.

Think fast, you might reach a potential agreement if you can get him to remember how difficult living paycheck to paycheck.

Remember this guy is sensitive to being taken advantage of, so be sincere and honor your side of any agreement.

Looking for help finding gay black guys?

Experienced Daddies Who’ve Been Around the Block

how do i get someone to buy me a new laptop

Someone who’s already got things figured out might be the best choice

Many young gay men have missed the countless benefits of having an older, wiser, gay man to mentor and guide them.

The secrets to having a good relationship with a mentor lie in being honest and communicating.

A similar relationship might wait for you if you can find a gay role model to help you become the gay man you seek to be.

When searching for this daddy, look for someone who is more experienced and will teach the subtleties and nuances of the world.

Remember, finding a good date who may have already dealt with the ins and outs of gay life will help make this journey a little less lonely.

The Ultimate Guide to Gay Daddies

  • What you should know to find a real daddy
  • how to make the sugar relationship work
  • how does the sugar process work?

Where to Find The Daddy of Your Dreams

If you’re looking to score a daddy at a bar or club, you’re looking in the wrong place.

The club scene isn’t a fantastic hunting ground as many of these daddies, bears, twinks, DILFS, and others are looking to hook up more than finding a relationship with any semblance of seriousness.

Be a Part of the LGBTQ Community

Join a gay volunteer group or try joining on the board of a prominent LGBTQ organization as they often may be a better place to find a more mature man.  Try these sites to find out where you can help.

The Best Place to Find a Quality Gay Daddy

This may sound odd but the best place is online.

We know, just bear with us for a minute.

Think about it, many of these guys, the successful ones have a full life (the ones you should be aiming to meet)—meaning they don’t have as much time for real-world interaction but this doesn’t mean they aren’t looking.

Rather than the traditional routes why not try a gay sugar dating app or website?

Not sure what those are?

A gay sugar arrangement is when one party, an older guy dates a younger guy and gifts him an allowance… sometimes this can be substantial.

Aren’t Gay Arrangements the Same As Escorting

There is a big difference between being a gay escort or prostitute and a gay sugar baby.

For the gay escort, the encounter with a client is strictly a business transaction where a service is being provided.

After the service is complete, the escort leaves and that is the end of the encounter.

Being a sugar baby (gay or straight) is about establishing an emotionally intimate relationship/agreement with a daddy.

The daddy provides an allowance for his baby in exchange for that intimacy and companionship.

A sugar relationship can last from months to years, as long as both sides continue to gain value.

A gay sugar baby has a much different relationship with their daddy.

Many people become involved in the sugar lifestyle because they get caught in bills, school loans, or credit card debt.

You never have to do anything you don’t want to.

Finding a sugar daddy is a great way to pay for your college tuition or other expenses.

Best of all many of these websites are free for the young men seeking older daddies, so there’s nothing to lose if you want to check it out.

Curious? We know we were when we started out :).

If you’re interested in discovering more about the best place to net a good gay sugar daddy read our guide here.

Enough reading about what to do, it’s time to be proactive and do something different, because we all know that what you have been doing hasn’t worked like you wanted.

Each of these sites is FREE to sign up and take only a few minutes to get a profile created.

  1. Sugar Daddy For Me (top choice)
  2. Seeking Arrangement
  3. Gay Arrangement

How to Make a Relationship Work with A Gay Daddy

Sage words of wisdom before you start exploring the world of gay sugaring!

A sugar relationship takes work to be successful.

Remember that it takes two to tango.

Most daddies have obligations that require the daddy to spend time elsewhere.

These could be as simple as feeding their goldfish to complex arrangements established with the ex-wife to share custody of their children.

Their career and businesses are other major obligations that will need their attention.

Talk to your daddy, and discuss what each side should expect from the other.

Put yourself in your his shoes and recognize the juggling act he might constantly be performing.

Quick Items to Remember

  • Requiring him to spend time with you may not be feasible sometimes.
  • If he says that he is busy, then he’s busy and can’t talk. Be patient he’ll come around.
  • Always be safe and tell a friend where you’ll be, when you’ll return and how to contact you.
  • Learn as much as you can about sugaring before trying it yourself.

The thing here is to try to meet him on his level without sacrificing yourself of course.

What we mean here is that you should always try and understand where your daddie is at in his life and to make sure you always put yourself in his shoes!

If you’re looking to explore more about some of the guidelines for a gay sugar relationship that is also applicable to any gay daddy relationship in general read on here.

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