The 10 Best Cities To Find A Gay Sugar Daddy in 2019

As a gay sugar daddy certain cities make more sense in terms of finding a gay sugar baby.

A few years ago Seeking Arrangement did a survey to figure out the top cities for gay sugar dating.

Long considered one of the largest sugar dating websites out there Seeking Arrangement claims to have over 250,000 LGBTQ members so it’s definitely worth checking out.

The average gay sugar baby is on average 23 years old and has an allowance of around $4000 and if that’s not reason enough to consider sugar dating this is without taking into account gifts and presents!

On the other hand, the average gay sugar daddy is about 39 and earns upwards of $200,0000 and has a net worth of 5+ million dollars.

The top cities for gay sugar dating include New York, Los Angeles and Chicago in the United States but before heading over note that competition is hard so all of you gay sugar babies better work for it – there are around 8 gay sugar babies per gay sugar daddies.

If you’re wondering about the perks of being a gay baby check out the guide.

Below are the results for the t0p 10 cities for Gay Sugar Dating from Seeking Arrangement

Top 10 Gay Sugar Daddy Cities (Per 1,000 Adult Men)

  1.    New York, NY – 4.8
  2.    Chicago, IL – 1.53
  3.    Los Angeles, CA – 1.46
  4.    Houston, TX- 1.00
  5.    Beverly Hills, CA – 0.97
  6.    Atlanta, GA – 0.96
  7.    Dallas, TX – 0.78
  8.    Toronto Canada – 0.78
  9.    Las Vegas, NV – 0.70
  10.    San Francisco, CA – 0.70

Top 10 Gay Sugar Baby Cities (Per 1,000 Adult Men)

  1.    New York, NY – 3.83
  2.    Los Angeles, CA – 1.68
  3.    Chicago, IL – 1.35
  4.    Brooklyn, NY – 0.98
  5.    Atlanta, GA – 0.86
  6.    San Francisco, CA – 0.80
  7.    Houston, TX – 0.79
  8.    Toronto, Canada – 0.78
  9.    London, England – 0.77
  10.    San Diego, CA – 0.58

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Check out this video of the best gay cities around the world to live in.  If you are looking for a daddy, then your chances are probably much better in this locations around the US and the rest of the world.


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