The 2019 Ultimate Gay Sugar Daddy Rules

Here are some gay sugar dating tips for all of you gay sugar daddies looking to be in a successful relationship.

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Don’t Be Over-Controlling

Although as a Gay Sugar Daddy you may be paying your gay sugar baby, you don’t actually own him.

The more you try to dominate all parts of your gay sugar baby’s life and emote distaste for their decisions through anger the more he will resent you.

Although as a gay sugar daddy this doesn’t mean you can’t voice your preferences it just means to do it in a respectful manner.

Avoid Gold Diggers

Yes all gay sugar babies may be looking for rich gay sugar daddies – it’s the nature of the gay sugar relationship game but although obvious avoid the ones that seem to be just looking for a quick handout … no matter how beautiful they are on the outside.

Gay sugar babies, who show telltale signs like asking for expensive gifts early or too often or seem to spend all their free time shopping might also be the ones who are just looking out for an easy paycheck and not looking to establish a suitable relationship.

Make sure to carefully filter potential gay sugar babies by way of looking at the effort they’ve put into their online gay sugar dating profile, how genuine they are on the phone and what topics they seem to drift to in conversation.

Establish Boundaries

One of the more important gay sugar dating tips out there that all gay sugar daddies should follow.

Set the terms of your gay sugar relationship early on inclusive of  things like

  • how often you want to meet
  • allowance
  • sexual preferences (amount & positions)
  • as well as levels of acceptable promiscuity (are you ok with your gay sugar baby sleeping around?).

Make sure both of you are on the same page as this will help ensure a healthy and happy gay sugar relationship where you can make sure your goals are aligned from the onset.

Friendship Is Key

There are many key factors to a successful relationship but having a good friendship is one of the most important ones.

Part of any healthy friendship is honest communication.

Another crucial part is making sure both parties of the gay sugar relationship are comfortable and relaxed allowing for the natural chemistry you have to shine through.

Put Yourself In His Shoes

As a Gay Sugar Daddy much of the power may be in your hands, make sure you avoid abusing this power.

Things like, considering your gay sugar baby’s needs as well as forgiving them for the mistakes he will inevitably make will help establish that you really care for him and in return ensure he’ll work to make you happy.

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